The WadSquad

The WadSquad

The WadSquad is a Multi-Chain, Multi-Collection Set of NFT Art, wandering around the Cosmos’ Ecosystem!

Some Are Cute, Some Are Ugly; Some Are Hilarious, Others… Not So Much.

1 Thing they all have in common though? THEY’RE A PART OF THE SQUAD! 

Join THE SQUAD! Snag an OmniWad On OmniFlix and an OG Wad from Stargaze 3/25!


"The WadSquad" is the OG 10k PFP collection featuring Randomly Generated Wadz from the planet Warth!

With Over 250+ Traits in total(Backgrounds, Bodies, Eyes, Mouths, and More), and Rarity-Weights/tiers, there could be COUNTLESS combinations! NO DUPLICATES!

soon to launch on Stargaze!
*10% reserved for giveaways, to be moved to OmniFlix*

Mint Date- 3/25

Time - 3PM EST

"The WadSquad: OmniWadz"
is a small collection of One/One Handcrafted Wadz, wandering around OmniFlix!
Supply IS limited to less than 100 in total, to drop in small batches***

Holding one of these Wadz guarantees you to a free Wad from future Collections and Drops, Including from the OG WadSquad(only at launch for current holders)!

The OmniWadz are Sold-Out, check the marketplace to see if you can catch a listing until the next batch!


Who are the Wadz you ask?

Wadz are tiny little creatures hailing from the Planet "Warth", deep within the Cosmos' Metaverse; A home to hundreds, if not thousands of different species of Wadz. Some have arms, some have legs, some only have socks, but all are Wadz, in shape and in spirit.

Okay, Okay! But Just What Is "The WadSquad"?
Who Are They?

In the Criminally Comedic Cosmos Metaverse, uncool based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New Wad City, the dedicated creatures who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite force known only as "The WadSquad"...

These Are Their Stories.


The WadSquad is actually just bunch of Wadz that are FRENS united by Friendship and Humor.

Some have even diverged into little groups or subsects of The WadSquad, such as the OmniWadz!


*The WadSquad Is Also Proud To Be A Part Of The NOTs NFTs'#NSA Program(Nots Supported Artists)! <3 So Much Love, So Cool!*


NOTs is focused on creating NFTs that bring lasting value and support to the Cosmosverse.
To make this happen, NOTs made owning NFTs and staking on chains mutually beneficial. Owning our feature NFT series, NOTs, provides a commission discount to stakers using NOTs.Art validator.

Each NOT has rarity tied to a commission discount, ranging from 5-25%. NOTs are also backed by 1 token from that chain, so the NFT always has value. Staking on NOTs.Art is rewarded with PixelNot airdrops. Incredible pixelated NOTs that feature IBC chains. PixelNots don’t have the token backing or staking discount, but they are a limited series that is also sold on Stargaze.

~Cosmic Cats~

An abstract adventure through the Cosmic Cat universe, a futuristic reality where the population is primarily made up of hyper intelligent cats (with some pockets of other K9-like life forms). They live amongst a universe comprised of elements of the Cosmos ecosystem.

The Cosmic Cat collection snapshots the lives of these creatures from various perspectives.

~Pink Jellyfish~

A cosmos social impact experiment, this NFT project is designed to raise awareness about the Pink Jellyfish in the Room.....COVID Trash.

Jesse the Jellyfish is stepping into the Cosmos ecosystem to find support for her home. ​

If you care about the planet and in particular the ocean then this is the NFT Project for you!

Wad Daddy


Just a Guy, Dad, Hubby, Crypto & NFT Enthusiast, and Pro Wrestling Fan. ~Much Love~

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